Monday, 15 June 2009

1st Diamond Card

Well here is my attempt at making a diamond card ,i've been wanting to make one for ages,i'm quite pleased how it has turned out .


  1. Beautiful card!!!!

    Luv Jane XX

  2. hi hun thanks for comments on my blog ive got more to give out and you are next as you are one of my dear friends I will update it later as ive got more to get posted, yet but I want to give you an anward for just being here and for all your support and encouragment too you are welcome to the slider hun great fun arnt they i have just updated mine too but needs more I do it when i get the chance aa soon as ive updated my awards I pop over and leave you a message lots love cheryl xxxxxxx

  3. wow I love this card Sandra

  4. Lovely card! I've never made one of these yet! (Must have a go!)Thanks for popping over to my Blog and becoming a follower! (I'm following you too! a nice way!) I'll put in a link the next time I do a crafty post, which was going to be tonight, but...I forgot to take photo's of the card I was going to post and it's gone now! (boo!) never mind....