Monday, 8 June 2009

Here is a card i made using little claires new monthly stamp.I am really enjoying blogging xx


  1. Love this card too Sandra. You can do something that I can't though - you've got the little copyright thingy on your piccy (created by cardmaker). I have no idea how to put that on my piccies.
    And your blog is looking fab too. When I get round to it I have a couple of awards to give out. I'll let you get a bit more used to blogland before I give them to you though.
    Take care
    sam x

  2. I love this stamp, but haven't used mine yet. Your card is lovely, well done..I don't know how you put the copyright logo on either, it's a good idea though x

  3. great card hun love the colours and layout lots love cheryl xxxxx

  4. gorgeous card Sandra, I thought I recognised the stamp.. it made me remeber that it arrived the other day and its still in the packet!!! oops.. i think i have too many like that at the mo!
    i'm pleased to see the blog comming along so well :)
    hugs rozzy xx