Sunday, 7 June 2009


Well i eventually got round to making my blog,with the help of Lee (son). Any ideas on making the layout better please feel free to let me know how i can achieve this as any help would be appreciated.


  1. I will ask Claire for you Sandra. I am hopeless without her help. Like your son. she helped me set it up ie, she did all the work while I nodded and pretended to understand what she was doing. Does that sound familiar to you, lol?
    Good Luck with your nice new

  2. Thanks for that May ,it sounds like you were talikng about me LOL

  3. hi hun if you need any help with your blog let me know as I can get you some great backgrounds that is if you would like me too love cheryl xxxxxxxxxx

  4. congrats Sandra on the new blog...I'm sure it wont be long before you are filling it.
    If you want to try out free backgrounds go to...
    hugs rozzy xx

  5. Sandra how nice to see you on blogger your fun starts hre I can tell you! I love it Where Rozzy said is where I get my background too the background does not matter too much gt your lovely work on here and there you go ur off I have to get my son to do everything too!
    Liz xx

  6. Always glad to help if I can. Can't wait to see all your lovely stuff on here.

    Welcome to Blogland :-)

  7. hhhoooooorrrahhh you made it to blog land!
    well done you - now to start showing off your work Sandra
    good luck - easy when you get used to it (if I can do it anyone can)

    Paula xxx